Pulse M74DP AEG Airsoft Gun Review And Lowest Price

Pulse M74DP AEG Airsoft Gun Review And Lowest Price


  • Shoots up to 150 FPS
  • Holds 250 airsoft BBs
  • Operates on electric full-auto or single shot manual cocking mode
  • Hooded front sight and rear peep sight

Product Description:

A hooded scope and eye-catching clear plastic case make the Pulse a mini-gun with maximum style.

The Crossman Pulse M74DP is a mini-gun capable of either electric, fully automatic, or single-shot manual firing. A gravity-fed hopper holds 250 BBs, and the gun has a firing velocity of up to 150-feet-per-second. The pistol grip is comfortable in your hand, while the serious-looking scope boosts shooting accuracy and joy.Specifications:

  • Electric or spring bypass power
  • Fires six-millimeter plastic BBs
  • Firing velocity up to 150 FPS
  • Includes scope
  • Lever safety

About Crossman In 1923 in Rochester, New York, Crossman was founded as Crossman Arms Company. From its inception, Crossman’s principal products were air guns and air gun ammunition. During the 1950s, new accounts included Sears Roebuck & Co., Montgomery Ward, and Western Auto, all of which sold Crossman’s products under their respective brand names.

In 1966, Crossman introduced its own Crossman brand air gun, the Crossman Pump master 760, which has sold more than 11 million units to date. Crossman Corporation is now an international designer, manufacturer, and marketer of Crossman pellet, BB, airsoft rifles and pistols, Copperhead ammunition, and Benjamin pellet rifles and ammunition.

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