Soft Air Colt 1911A1 Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol Lowest Online Price

Soft Air Colt 1911A1 Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol Lowest Online Price


  • Spring Powered Airsoft Gun BAXS: Accuracy System
  • Velocity: 315fps Energy: 0.5 joule
  • Mag Capacity: 12 rds
  • Maximum Range: 131ft
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

Product Description:

The Softair Colt 1911A1 Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol employs the BAXS Accuracy System for straighter, more accurate trajectories. The pistol offers 0.5 joule of energy to shoot with a maximum velocity of 315 feet per second and a maximum range of 131 feet. The pistol is equipped with a 12-round magazine.The BAXS Accuracy System: Tradition hop up systems use two points of contact on the BB (top and bottom), that allow the airsoft guns to shoot to the left or to the right. With the BAXS Accuracy system, Airsoft has incorporated three points of contact with the BB in the design (two at the top and one at the bottom). These three points of contact spread the weight of the BB more evenly, center it, and give it backspin, causing the airsoft gun to shoot straighter and with greater accuracy.

Product Description factory:

Colt 1911A1 Dual Tone Clampack Spring
Lowest online price:

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