ASG STI Duty One CO2 BB Pistol air pistol

ASG STI Duty One CO2 BB Pistol air pistol

This blowback version duty one is fully licensed by the famous high-end small arms manufacturer STI international, based in Texas, USA. The 4.5mm (.177) steel BB’s are stored in the drop-out magazine and powered by a 12G Co2 cartridge which is cleverly kept away in the pistol grip thanks to the easy load system.

The airgun is semi automatic and based on the classic 16732 1911 but STI has upgraded and changed the design and many of the functions. The frame has an integrated front Weaver rail for mounting light and laser.

The grip is marked with an STI logo and the high rise beaver-tail grip, secures a perfect hold on the pistol. Furthermore the pistol has unique serial number. The metal slide has beautiful authentic STI markings. Blowback is a term used when the slide cycles back and Forth when a shot is fired. This gives a more realistic feeling and a sense of Recoil.


Product main freatures

  • Barrel threaded for Silencer
  • Blowback airgun
  • Includes accessory rail
  • Metal slide
  • Uses 12G C02 cartridges


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