Daisy Outdoor Products CO2 Pistol (Black, 9.5 Inch)

Daisy Outdoor Products CO2 Pistol (Black, 9.5 Inch)

Powerline, 5170 21 shot BB Co2 repeater pistol, top, bottom & side accessory rails for add on accessories to include point sights & laser rights. 12 gram Co2 powered, trigger free safety, 21 shot BB clip, caliber is .177 BB, maximum muzzle velocity is 520′ per second with an overall shooting distance of 254 Yd, clamshell.


Main features

  • .177 cal. BB ammo with steel smooth bore barrel
  • 21 shot capacity clip
  • 520 fps max. velocity
  • CO2 semi-automatic action
  • Blade and ramp front and open rear sights

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