Double Eagle Spring M22 Silenced Pistol FPS-300 Airsoft Gun

Double Eagle Spring M22 Silenced Pistol FPS-300 Airsoft Gun


Spring-powered airsoft guns are single-shot devices that use elastic potential energy (EPE) stored in a spring to compress air to launch an airsoft pellet down the barrel of the gun, It’s fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained, it requires no gas or batteries to operate.

The user must cock a spring gun prior to each shot, This is typically achieved by pulling back the slide (pistols), bolt (rifles), or the grip on a shotgun, which in turn compresses the spring and makes the gun ready to fire, Spring Airsoft Guns are the toughest,

Most durable of all Airsoft Guns, because they’re made with few breakable pieces, If you are looking for something fun, and reliable you have come to the right online retailer to buy it from, not to mention we are the CHEAPEST on the Net!

Maine features

Spring Action Powered, Sturdy ABS Plastic

1:1 Scale Airsoft Pistol, Double Eagle Brand M22

High performance assembled plastic model gun, Extremely great quality and durability

It requires no gas or batteries to operate

FPS-300, Length: 13.5 Inches, Built In Hop Up System


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