GXG Army Swat Paintball Airsoft Tactical Vest Camo

GXG Army Swat Paintball Airsoft Tactical Vest Camo

Product Description

       GXG Vest Features:Hydration Unit Sleeve – Zippered sleeve to place a hydration bladder (upto 70oz, sold separately)Removable Contouring Foam – Can be remove and replaced when neededFlip Down ID & Card Holder – Chest pocket now has an extra panel whichflips down to easily display ID and view maps & info.Movable Radio Pouch Redesigned Shoulder Straps – Shoulder straps now havenylon loops and D-rings for attaching and routing gear.Longer Side Straps – Side straps are now longer to fit larger players morecomfortably.Larger Tank Holder Attachment – Tank holder is now wider and taller thanbefore. Can easily fit stubby style tanks & tanks with neoprene covers.Extended Attachment Area – Easier to reach your tubes and more surfacearea for tube and tank setups.Original design made specifically for paintball and not modified from someother application. The contouring design wraps around your body for a snugfit which promotes increased mobility, distributes the weight and helps keepa low profile.Modular design lets you configure your setup how you want. Whether youwant to wear the packs horizontal or vertical it’s very easy to switch thesetup. You can also add or take away the tank holder attachment if you wantto run a remote setup!Interchangeable and Rearrange able tube holders.Removable Tank Holder for Remote Setup.Clip to Carry Your Mask When Not Playing.Side Zipper on Chest Pouch for Radio Headset Wires.Pockets and Pouches For: Keys, Tools, Money, Etc.Padded Design Helps Eliminate the Sting of Getting Hit.Two (2) Tube holder attachments w/ ripcords which can hold three (3) 140round tubes each. (One tube fits in the flip out elastic sleeve.)One (1) Tank holder pouch to run a remote setup.One (1) Moveable Radio Pouch

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