HK Factory Refurbished MP5K-PDW 4.5mm CO2 Airgun Rifle, Black

HK Factory Refurbished MP5K-PDW 4.5mm CO2 Airgun Rifle, Black


Product Description

       The H&K MP5K-PDW Air Gun features high velocity, 400FPS Semi-Auto action from a high capacity 40-shot clip. The repeater has realistic recoil action when shooting BBs from the ultra-realistic barrel. A foldable stock, forearm grip and drop-out magazine make this one of the most exciting and fun to shoot BB air guns ever created. The KPDW gun weighs in at a lightweight 2.4 lbs. Factory refurbished product consists of product that were originally sold new and then returned for a variety of reasons, sometimes without even being opened. Once this product gets back to the manufacturer from the retailers or consumers, they are inspected, tested and are brought to original factory specifications by Manufacture-trained technicians. The testing process assures that the product meets the same stringent quality standards that are required for new products. After the testing is completed, the product is then re-packaged in a new plain brown box.

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