Daisy Outdoor Products 15XT Pistol with Point Sight -Black

Daisy Outdoor Products 15XT Pistol Black, 7.21 Inch

Daisy’s PowerLine of products is designed for advanced shooters, delivering greater velocities and improved accuracy. The 15XT air pistol model is a CO2-powered semiautomatic, ideal for handgun training. A built-in BB magazine holds 15 rounds, and a 0.375-inch dovetail mount lets you customize with your favorite optics and other accessories.



Main features


  • 177 cal. BB ammo with steel smooth bore barrel
  • 15 shot capacity with built in magazine
  • 480 fps max. velocity
  • CO2 semi-automatic action
  • Blade and ramp front and fixed open rear sights

Product Full details


  • CO2-powered semiautomatic
  • 15-shot magazine
  • .177 caliber
  • Smooth bore barrel
  • Blade and ramp front sight, fixed open rear sight
  • Manual trigger block safety
  • 480 FPS maximum muzzle velocity
  • 240-yard maximum range
  • 7.2-inch length
  • One-pound weight

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