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With A lot of patience and full determination things will eventually start to go your way most of the time. Feeling left out of the internet wonders I joined wealthy affiliates not too long ago in a mission to invade the online world.

It did not take me too long to figure out this was not an easy mission as Too many things has to be learnt and understood before the glimpse of your website success starts peeking.

But one thing I ought to tell all of you is that nothing is unachievable if you have the patience, the well and determination to go after what’s playing in your head.

In this site I worked so hard to give all the information you need from A to Z for your full online invasion and ultimate success

To make the story short here is my most visited and successful websites I built, thanks for my patience and full determination for the achievement ( Not my super intelligence because I truly never was that super intelligent guy).


Best of all you can start here at wealthy affiliate and take the starter level membership for zero money, yes zero money! the starter membership entitles you enough education and 2 free websites to start with, and of course when your size starts to grow and more new visions starts light up in your head like a Christmas tree You’ll have to jump on the premium membership for $39 a month which entitles you to limitless free websites and all the educations, videos, webinars you need to establish yourself as an online super affiliate.

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