Sig Sauer P226 X-Five .177cal.- BAX System-Full Metal Body-Blow Back

Sig Sauer P226 X-Five .177cal.- BAX System-Full Metal Body-Blow Back


Things to be aware of when installing the CO2 Cartridge: Insert the cartridge all the way to the top of the magazine well. Make sure the screw is in the proper alignment when tightening. When you hear the pressure expanding finish tightening quickly. Do not over tighten or it will impact the gun’s functionality.

  • CO2 pistols do not work very well in cold environments. If the user is attempting to fire the pistol when the temperature is below 50 degrees, only 2-5 shots will fire as the CO2 will not expand at colder temperatures.
  • Use HIGH grade .20g or heavier BBs for your guns. Lower quality BBs will tend to jam in the magazine well, preventing proper firing.
  • CO2 gun care: Be sure to keep your slide and all moving parts lubricated with SILICONE oil. Do not use anything else such as petroleum based lubricants.
  • If Magazine leaks: Put a drop of silicone oil on the top of the CO2 jet and on the pressure release button on side of magazine and attempt to load.  Check screw for proper alignment.


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