TSD Sports 4-Inch Barrel Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver

TSD Sports 4-Inch Barrel Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver

This unique gun is Ideal for avid collectors and avid shooters, the TSD Sports 4-inch Barrel Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver looks and feels just like the real thing. Shells load into cylinders and the hammer cocks back for a realistic feel.

Compact and easy to wield, this spring-powered six-chambered revolver packs a punch despite its small size. Spring-powered and using shells instead of magazines for a more realistic shooting experience, the revolver is capable of shooting .

20 gram pellets at 290 to 315 feet per second. Other features include a fixed hop-up, adjustable windage and elevation, and battery-free operation.




The TSD Sports Main features


  • Black, spring powered, double action revolver.  Comes with 8 single round shell magazines.
  • Hammer can cock back manually; shells load into the cylinder
  • 260 FPS with 0.12g BB’s; Single round loading shells; Single shot hammer action; Fixed hop-up; 4 inch length barrel
  • No batteries needed
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

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